10 Tweaks To Your Morning Routine That Will Transform Your Entire Day

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All successful women know that the trick to becoming the most productive in the office is by sticking religiously to a morning routine. Not only for productivity but to help you achieve your goals by planning your day! Now we know more than anyone that those routines become mundane and tedious! So, we understand that sometimes even the most successful women have to change up their routines! If you need to make some small tweaks and shake up your routine take a look at our suggestions below:

1. Replace coffee with green tea

This is a hard one, even for me. While coffee is great to perk you up, the crash that comes after is not so great for your energy levels. Thankfully, green tea is a great replacement. The caffeine in green tea is slowly released from your body, which keeps your energy levels balanced. Besides that, the catechins in green tea increase your metabolism and boost cancer-fighting properties. A totally great reason to make that caffeine switch!

2. Meditate

If you’re not already doing this, you should! Take just 5-10 minutes and be still. Allow your body and mind to align itself while you slowly visualize your day. Take some time to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere before the day begins. If you normally start your day by scrolling through your social media feeds, maybe try meditating instead.

3. Eat a proper breakfast

If you’re used to having a banana and coffee to go, try making time for a real breakfast. Prepare a meal for yourself, it could even be as simple as overnight oats. When we’re not fueled for the day, our energy levels take a dip. We end up craving sugar as a substitute to replace what should have been a healthy breakfast of sufficient protein, carbohydrates, and veggies. Also, sitting down and enjoying your breakfast instead of having it on the run helps with the practice of eating mindfully.

4. Sun salutations

There’s a reason why models like Miranda Kerr begin their day with sun salutations. The poses produce a calming effect while waking up your body to prepare itself for the day. I personally find myself more centered and ready to face the day after starting my day with this instead of rolling in bed and hitting the snooze button. There are many variations to the sun salutation, but I personally love Miranda Kerr’s 3-minute yoga routine.

5. Listen to a podcast

I love my morning commute playlist, however listening to a podcast on the way to work helps to motivate me. Especially if in the midst of a stressful week. When listening to inspiring podcasts, our minds are focused and challenged which makes the commute a lot more productive.


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6. Organize your desk

Although it can be inconvenient to clean up your desk, it makes a huge difference with your ability to concentrate. A clean space means you’ll have all your things in their right place. No more mindlessly searching for stationery or important papers under a pile of rubbish. Plus, clean desk means clean mind.

7. Review your ‘done’ list

If you’ve built the habit of creating a ‘done’ list at the end of the day, consider reviewing it every morning to remind yourself of the previous day’s accomplishments. Especially if you overcame a difficult task previously, reviewing your list will certainly motivate you to tackle the hardest task you have yet to face.

8. Do something for yourself

Sometimes, we’re so focused on starting work that we forget to do something for ourselves. Work on one of your own projects, whether it’s publishing a post on your blog or working on your personal brand.

9. Walk

Take the stairs instead of the escalator. If you live in close proximity to your office or school, consider walking or cycling to get your body moving. These simple steps, when added up, can be a catalyst to weight loss or keeping your body energized.


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10.Take your supplements

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